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Blog - 12 June 2017 - LTD - Image

12 June, 2017

Blog - 12 June 2017 - LTD -

Blog - 12 June 2017 - LTD -


If you ever think that humans have the upper hand with anything then I think you should think again.


In the who scheme of things we have not got a clue about most things.


We are just passing fancies in this expanse of universe that sits with in or with out - We do not know the answer.


I love it that theories are formulated - The world is flat - The world is round.


All the time nature just does its own thing and has no regard at all for us Humans.



With this in mind it is with great happiness I received a call asking for our made to measure services.


The made to measure has not been fully set up. Neither has Vintage or white label.


For a customer to want to purchase then this was an excellent sign - As if out of the abyss.


 It made me smile anyway.


When You have a platform to look after then you have no control over who is on - who is purchasing.


Its a worrying time when you invest every drop of you being in to something then to find no one wants what you are offering.


Most of the time its that the customers are not seeing what you have to offer.


Learning about links has been very challenging and I think I have cracked the solution then one of my links starts sinking out view. - so i will have to re look at this.


If your not at the top of google your not any where.


GLAM productions


The agency has been added to the platform first. This generated a who new movement towards Actors.


GLAM productions has Spotlight accreditation for Actors and Young performers.


We are now able to receive all jobs on Spotlight.


We are assisting our Models to broaden their repertoire and move towards acting as this is the way advertisers are moving.


Our Actors have been able to secure Lead roles in Leading advertisements - stage and short film. 


We have auditions for singers and dancers on Wednesday for International contracts on cruise ships.


GLAM productions Events team has just finished the football schedule and is now moving to the Cricket for the summer program of events.


Summer events are an excellent way to go to lots of events. Its a great chance to go to concerts and sporting events  you possibly would not pay to go and see but you have the same view as everyone.


Yes of cause you have to do your work but being able to have the amazing atmosphere at some of the countries leading events and getting paid at the same time feels like a real honer.


Presenter London is now almost set up. Their are a few Key London links still to go.


I am just finishing of re sizing Sophia photos who is one of our new young artists.


Then I am hoping to have a look at The measurements not being in order on the shop.


Bye for now

Beverley Morgan





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