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26 January, 2018

Internet influencers

Internet influencers

 The rise and the rise of the internet influencer.

 I find it very interesting how the industry is changing.


Influencers are not a new concept from movie starts to pop stars influencers have been around all of the time.

We are all influencers in our own world.  

Writing this blog is influencing.

The new set of influencers have been coming from social media platforms.  You can become an influencer for staying in Hotels and write comments about your stay. Having your child say funny things  on camera can make you millions. Some people have been pushing the limits with very dangerous stunts to create content and unfortunately we are seeing this being pushed to the limits and young people are risking there lives.

Traditional routes open to Advertisers, Magazines,Newspapers  have all moved all online.

The law of sales has not changed. The fundamental need for people to see what your Selling or they wont buy it.

Brands are looking for new ways to grab the attention of the audience.

Advertisements have now become mini movies. 

The best Actors are required for the roles.

The locations are shots all over the world.

GLAM productions Acting Agency provides Actors for these assignments. We have about 10 - 30 Adverts a day as possible jobs in the office.

When you only have a few seconds to grab the viewers attention before they can hit the skip ad button you have to make it something that will stand out from the crowd.


Influencers calling the shots to Big Brands 

In past years a Film Star would be selected by a Cosmetic Brand as the Face they wanted to represent the Brand.

Now the influencer by Blogging about the Brand. Is making the Cosmetic Brand use them as the Face of XXXX Cosmetics. Regardless of what the face may look like.

BRANDS Biting back

The Blogger who wanted ton stay in a Dublin Hotel for Free. She would Blog about her experience and post it to her millions of followers.

The owner of the Hotel told the Blogger to go away. Who would be paying for the staff to look after her.

The Blogger seemed to be in disbelief.

 She was not asking for Payment like many Bloggers who would normally get paid to Blog about Locations.

Vogue Magazine Fashion Editors were up in arms as they now have to share the catwalk front row with Bloggers.

The Bloggers are now more powerful than the Fashion Editors.

Will this move us forwards in Fashion.

One of our greatest exports to the work is the UK Fashion industry.

Social Media

Content on social media platforms are a nightmare to patrol. I wonder if the designers of the platforms factored in all of the hours needed to view and review the content when they first designed the site.

If you are a social media business you are no longer going to be able to bunny hop around the people on the site to advertise your products and services.

This process has created many small businesses with this now take them away.

Bye for now


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