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24 January, 2018

Business Blog LTD January 2018

Web site content

 When you cant find the time you have all of the words in the world. 

Then when you have the time you seem to have nothing to say.


Still Not all punctuation working on this news page

I must tell the designers.


Happy New year 2018

 Business new year 2018

 As I went in to Christmas it seemed the business had all off the cards in my hand.


As I come in to 2018 I find one of my co suppliers has lost a big contract which then means I have lost a big amount of cash.


This is not the first time this has happened.


I do hope it is the last.


The plan to get more work


I had already started with more links at the end of last year so its just working them to get them to the top of google


GLAM productions   The acting side is rammed with opportunities

I have one artist on a pencil for a TV advert already in 2018


Looking to recruit more skilled Performers and Actors for the bookings that are available


We get a constant stream of jobs available for 






Jobs coming are

West End shows


 Feature film 

Advertisement that pays very well with the usage added

International contracts ie Disney



This is where I have lost a chunk.


I have a new client who I have worked with at a different company who kindly is keen to work together


A super person so I will be happy to partner up on projects.


At the moment the job roles are a bit different to the skills my event staff have.


Recruiting promotional staffing for  bookings all over the UK


Looking at the Moment for Central London


Bye for now




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