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Chit Chat - 21 July 2016 - GLAM shop - LTD  Image

21 July, 2016

Chit Chat - 21 July 2016 - GLAM shop - LTD

Interview with Beverley Morgan


The site currently does not  like puctuation marks - These are missing in some cases


How long have you been working on the GLAM shop ? 


GLAM shop has been underway for almost 6 years now I think Its been so long I have almost lost track of time.


I dont worry about things taking ages I am a snail of the business world anyway. Some people are Hartley hare zooming around. I am the slow snail always coming in last but coming in.


I have to do things to the best of my ability and sometimes you get to a junction in the business road and you need to lear the next bit.


Have you had experience of web sites before?


Yes I run an internet agency called GLAM productions I had a small version before the one you can see now.


GLAM productions supply - Models - fashion show production and Management - Presenters - Actors - Dancers - Corporate Event Staffing - Promotional staffing.


When I first looked at the internet it was very much in the beginning but I knew it was the shop window for me.


Had you worked with computers before - I was luck my Dad came home with one of the very first computers available he did this a few times with things- Video camera and the likes 


We lived in a very small village so these things coming into my world did influence me.


I would do mega pack man sessions on the atari - Listen to top of the pops recording tunes trying to record off the radio. I would then spend my days dancing around in the bed room or roller skating - I have made a full time job out of this production fashion shows and modelling using the combination of technology and the arts.


The Atari then moved on to the Sinclair spectrum, Commodore pet and a BBC ( sorry if that bits bit boring)  I dont think I had one but they had them at school.


When I spoke with my computer teacher he said not to bother doing computers as it would be a waist of time as I would have babies and that would be the end of that.


Well I have never had a baby. Here we are.


Red rag to a bull  Thank you Sir.


If I lined up all of the people who over time have said I could not do any of the many things I have done I am sure they would fill a small country.


Do you ask for advice?


I always listen to advise but in the end you have to make up your own mind.


If people are being negative ask are they in the know about what they are talking about - it they are then listen and take a punch on the nose - If they are just a jumped up know it all then smile and move on.


What things do you feel make you in to a business person?


Hard working - Fast decision making - Seeing the big picture - adaptable - willing to learn but then move on once the essence has been removed - Sales skills - Tough - Honest - Integrity - Positivity


I am naturally a positive person I look for the good in everything. 


When did you first show signs of being a business women ? 


I would hold sales in my mums country post office - 3 litter bins for the price of 2 before 3 for 2 offers existed.


A big motivation was the TV show why dont you?


It said why dont you turn off the television and go ad do some thing less boring instead. 


So I did.


I knew that I didnt  want to do business straight away as it would have been a bit boring. If this is all I had done. The first haft of my life has been dedicated to having fun. I have worked in fun industries worked all over the world in shows. 


Met some very interesting people. I have enjoyed going out to different places dancing the night way. 


Simple things make me smile.


Now is the time for me to move into a different phase of my life.


Where did the shop idea come from ?


The shop has aways been set up as a shop but also to aid my other business. 


I work with Fashion designers who were rubbish at business buy excellent at fashion design the site was set up to assist on the business side. The more fashion designers who continued trading the more work I would have for the models.



Has your idea change ? 


Design a department store with the ability to have products and then additionally have shops so I could create further businesses from the department store. Keeping the simple style and feel of the GLAM productions site.


This type of web site is now a platform not a department store. Amazon and Ebay are now epic sites so this style is very familiar.


I cant sell the same things as Ebay and Amazon in the main - I do have a vintage and fashion but I have to look for different things to sell as they sell them already.


Watch this space for this.


What are you doing right now with the site ?


Just completed the SSL certificate - this is the padlock on the site so say verified owner. I am now on to getting the site insured. 

I have been through all of the products and they are almost all competed. I have more things to add. 


I have started to add the mini shops to aid visibility for GLAM productions and I know this is working as their has been a definite  increase in work that is down to the site coming up for lots of reasons.


I will then be working on the visibility of the GLAM shop site - Opening the doors for sales.


Looking for products that want promoting as part of the offer of the week.


increasing the data base to offer out the offer of the week products.


Add your email at the bottom of the site it is that simple.


I better go and do a bit more.


Bye for now 

Beverley Morgan 





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