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Chit Chat Thursday 29 September 2016 - NEWS  Image

29 September, 2016

Chit Chat Thursday 29 September 2016 - NEWS

GLAM shop - Chit Chat 29 September 2016


A bit of a gap since my last chit chat.


Very busy working my way through all of the products on the site.


I am learning about the best way to create links.


Images and Links are now showing at the top of the pages.


The shops are having excellent success.


The objective of shops is to get to number one on google.


Editorial Fashion Modelling Agency - GLAM productions is 1 - Yippy


More challenging is Modelling Agency - Watch this space


GLAM shop is a sales platform but its much much more - its the opportunity to gain visibility where visibility was impossible to reach before.


Of cause this simply means lots of time tapping on the computer and lots more time tapping on the computer.


Steady and increasing traffic - Mainly UK with good Global visibility.


With this type of venture the customer will decide what they are wanting to see and buy.



GLAM shop Vintage I am working through each item - This process is happening as we speak.


This couple of weeks is about doing as much as possible to update the sites.



The first couple of months attracted lots of new customers - This has slowed with the customers returning. This is driving traffic to other venture.


Only small for now but going in a forward direction.


Fashion will start agin in the next couple of weeks if not before - Presenter will come first -Then shows then photographic.


A big push to gain more visibility in all areas for Event Staffing - Summer events were fantastic 11k driving miles in my car. this is the next session of the year so I am wanting to maximise recruitment and drive new clients.


As I say much more tapping on the computer.

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