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GLAM shop - Made to Measure Men

04 February, 2016

GLAM shop - Made to Measure Men's Suits

The perfect fitting suit that looks and feels Designer.


 BESPOKE SUITS by GLAM shop Vintage 


Tailored to fit you Perfectly


Starting from £250

 Creating the perfect suit for you


 Select your STYLE

Are you looking for Business suit

 A suit for a Special Occasion

A Perfect Suit for your own Wedding-

A dinner Jacket


Are you wanting Single Breasted - Double breasted 


 Choose your fabric - Are you looking for a light summer suit or is it going to be worn when its a bit chilly


Choose you colour - We have many colours - Fabric textures and simple patterns to enhance the over all feel of your personally designed suit


Select the Detail - Buttons picket details - this is all very easy to selct from the images on the

                3D Platform


 You can Use or 3D Ordering Platform - you select everything by the image - Follow the videos that will guide you through the measurements required


 Or Leave it to Us and Visit us at GLAM shop Studios In Huddersfield - We are in the Heart of the UK

 Option 3 you can order yourself via the standard measurement ordering XS,S,M,L,Xl,XXl,XXXL


 Visit GLAM shop Made to Measure - Mens

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