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Vogue and the Bloggers - THE BRANDS DILEMA  Image

03 October, 2016

Vogue and the Bloggers - THE BRANDS DILEMA

Vogue and the Bloggers - Chit Chat - 3 October 2016

 This is just the beginning of a brands dilemma

 Fashion - Cosmetics - Fragrance  - Accessories

 This is just the beginning of the Brand dilemma.

At the moment Brands are going with the flow of having bloggers on the covers of the magazines.

Bloggers,Vloggers, Fashionistas, The New wave of fashion leaders.


We are now seeing this new generation of people wearing the cosmetics on point of sale advertising.

 The fashionistas wearing the fashion on the Magazine covers.

To be honest the Bloggers are the ones making the cash out of this.As they are the ones people want to see.

The sites of the best are all extremly high level - Great photos and Editorials.

They all have there own style so what ever your style you can chose to follow some one who has the look you are after - Even if youare not going to wear the look your self.

This is not going to make the brands very happy in the long run as they are being pushed to have someone who is promoting their products as the Brand ambassador. 

 Question -

Does Promoting someones brand give you right of passage to be the face of that brand?

Unfortunately I am not sure the Brands are happy about this at all.

Brands like to be in charge of who is the face of XXXX not the other way around.

As with everything this is just a fashion that will be survived.

Fashion is fashion after all.

The fashion industry is a massive machine that drives sales all over the world.

Vogue after all is Vogue.

We always like a bit of Drama when its fashion week.

We survived beedle boppers of which I did have a few pairs I wore constantly and thought were amazing.

I am not wearing them any more Just to clarify.

Bye for Now Beveley Morgan 

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